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Analytics Dashboard

A physician’s practice or a hospital is also a business enterprise. It needs insights into its business to assess critical data and analyze it to achieve optimum working levels.

Iton has designed Analytics Dashboard specifically to address keys areas like:

1.Establish standards and targets against which performance is measured- like

  • Overtime, Absenteeism and Vacancy rates
  • Productivity levels
  • Revenue/Exam per modality
  • Cost/Exam per modality
  • Volume trends
  • Staffing Best Practices
  • Denial/Exception Trends
  • Turnaround Time by modality and by tracking steps
  • Service Excellence scoring
  • Maintenance/service costs

2.Create systems for measuring and monitoring performance on a regular basis
3.Compare actual performance against established targets
4.Evaluate results and take corrective action if necessary

Iton’s Analytics Dashboard is based on KPIs that helps you answer a series of introspective question like:

  • Total Cost per Exam: Do you know if your total expense in producing an exam is too high?
  • Salary Expense per Exam: How does your salary expenses compare to the national median?
  • Revenue per Exam Imaging revenues need to be maximized.
  • Staff Productivity is there excess in your staffing plan (#FTEs)?
  • Volume Trends: Can you forecast where your volume is headed in all modalities and patient types?
  • Turnaround Time: Get those results into the right hands faster

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

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