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DocAssistant Pain Management

Pain Management deals with chronic pain ailments of arthritis, back and neck, cancer, nerve disorders and such. DocAssistant Pain Management facilitates the provider in the correct diagnosis and treatment of different types of pain.

  • Site Selection: This section allows the provider to define the body parts (site) where the patient needs pain management.
  • History – Demographics related to the history of the present illness, family medical history, current medications etc.
  • Neurological Physical examination: Capture comprehensive and exhaustive status of sensory systems, cranial nerves and other systems.
  • Extremities: Capture information of critical parts like the cervical spine, upper extremity and Lumbosacral spine among others.
  • Assessment and Treatment: Pre-populated tables for assessment, medications, CPT codes and tracked data.
  • Easily generate e-mail, e-fax or fax
  • Automated lab orders and reports, super bill, images, medication log, referrals management.

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