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Hospital Information Management System

HIMS is a web application that manages every aspect of a hospital. It is a powerful, flexible and easy to use tool. This application is composed of different modules and each module addresses the specific activity for patient care.

The core modules available in HIMS application are:

Inpatient Module
• Creation of unique record for each patient getting admitted.
• Manages bed occupancy.
• Maintains record with daily progress
• Managing payments. Processing of receipts, refunds and final bill.
• Printing reports. Discharge summary notification.

Outpatient Module
• Generating unique record for each patient visiting the Doctor even if admission is not required.
• Maintains patient details along with case papers and other details.
• Managing payment mode.
• Scheduling appointments.

Inventory Module
• Makes receipts, stores and issues stock items.
• Provides up-to-date information on current stock levels and location.
• Produces exception reports to be used to identify fast and slow moving stock items.
• Supports purchase order tracking

Pharmacy Module
• Allows dispensing of drugs against the drug medication orders.
• Keeps track of patients’ prescriptions.
• Supports partial issues of stock orders.
• Supports numeric, trade or generic name search and allows easy & quick retrieval of drug item codes.

Laboratory Module
• Supports to perform various lab tests.
• Scheduling and tracking of the specimen.
• Managing Lab test results.