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Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Certification and upgradation through Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)-Iton’s exceptional healthcare IT expertise makes us a trusted partner in IV&V for various certification processes. As IV&V providers, we help make your product or healthcare implementation be successful from inception through completion by providing an independent and objective evaluation. This evaluation, whether a single occurrence, periodically, or as an integral part of your team, will provide indications of potential problems with quality of your product or deliverables as well as potential schedule or cost impact. Iton’s unique approach to IV&V employs the following key factors:

  • Hands-on” practical experience of team members with your process and the technology being implemented;
  • Reach-back capability to senior subject matter experts when needed for additional depth or oversight of our recommendations.
  • Access to other resources, when needed, to ensure that we can be flexible and responsive to your changing needs and priorities

ITON’s unique approach is the key to our ability to provide you with realistic, cost-effective and workable solutions. This also allows us to identify discrepancies at the technical, functional and usability levels, which teams with a strict IV&V or test background and a theoretical knowledge of your process or technology might miss.